I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at FOC. The instruction I received helped me develop skills to have a chance to play high school and college ball. More importantly, they cared about me as a person and helped me grow as a young adult
— Nat Townsend

Baseball Instruction

Our programs are designed to build a relationship with each student, help them establish a solid foundation from which to build upon, and develop the physical and mental tools necessary to succeed on the diamond. 

While there are fundamentals that should be consistent in all players, there are also different approaches that work for each player. We avoid the “cookie cutter” form of teaching and work with players to find what works best for them. Our instructors offer lessons in hitting, fielding, catching, and pitching.  We take pride in adjusting our program to the needs of the individual and challenging them to develop their skills.  

Part of the skill development is gaining and understanding of why we want players to try something or do something a fundamental way. Without understanding the concept and reason for it, it is very difficult to gain the skill.  

Lesson Package Rates

Individual         Buddy Rate            Small Group

30 Min:  $60        30 min:  $40/ea        60 Min:      $65/ea

5 pack:  $255       5 pack:  $170/ea       5x60min:  $300/ea

10 pack: $475      10 Pack: $320/ea     10X60min:  $550/ea